Graphic studio


In graphic studio we prepare designs and vizualizations which allow you to see colors and design of expo before realization through 3D drafts or ground plans. Projects are processed in program ArchiCad (with all required libraries), vizualizations are made in Artlantis and this way we introduce to customers perfectly real vizualizations, 3D drafts and ground plans. Find it out yourself – below you can see new and older designs or visit exhibition systems and see how stalls look like in reality.

And because we are real graphic studio we are able to provide you with everything from information board and advertising spaces to wrapping of trucks. Advertising graphics from self-adhesive foils are solved entirely – we care for all process of creating graphics from self-adhesive foils from design to production. We specialize in following products: graphic signs, wrapping of cars and trucks, advertising boards, relief 3D letters, shop windows, house systems, notices and door labels. You can take a look at a few of them below.


Graphic works - examples


Examples of expo vizualizations

Here we show you how we prepare and design individual exhibition expositions.


Based on your needs, wishes and requirements we prepare draft of planned expo.

Ground plan

Then we prepare ground plan of exhibition expo.

3D view

3D view at your future expo.


Drawing your project more in detail.


Based on previous steps we prepare perfectly real look of your expo.

Older examples of vizualizations – we have really rich experience!