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About us

P.A.P.S.T. s.r.o. – as you already know we are advertising and graphic studio focused on complete realization of exhibition expositions. This is our main mission which mainly entertains us and makes us a living. But we also project design interiors. For all this, we need to know graphics so we can prepare your car wrapping with self-adhesive foil, company logo or poster too. Look at our designs, stand realizations and graphic works.

About us

Our story in time

Graphic and advertising studio p.a.p.s.t. comes into existence in the end of year. Our target is to fill a gap between a typical exhibition company and huge corporate giants. We take the opportunity to approach exhibition customers and to offer everything from design to realization. We know to offer several price levels of systems with original and timeless design.

We create young and creative team, our first advantage is precise and high-quality processing with complex consulting.


We present us as production company focused on the complete realization of exhibitions who also specilizes in processing and realizationg of graphics on self-adhesive foils and renting of lights and other necessities for exhibitors.

We regularly design and completely realize around 100 projects in Czech Republic and abroad. Most of them are completelly atypical expositions, others are complemented with atypical features. Remaining projects are designs and realizations of interiors, graphics, presentations, catalogues and other services related to advertising desing.


Since the end of the year we reside on a new address – U Průhonu 9a/1591 in Prague where we have around 300 m² of multifunctional space at disposal – former smithy. We are still here today. Will you come to visit us?


We’ve completely designed and realized over 200 projects in Czech Republic and abroad. Our production team is growing to six members.


We are upgrading the surface and the lighting of our B-160 system using modern LED lighting. During this year we cross the milestone of 1000 successful realizations.


We are finishing renovation of our workshop “U průhonu” where we have over 300 m² of workspace, stock and studio. We change name of B-2010 sytem to LUBO1 (Led-Umakart-B-2010-01).


We design and realize stalls in all EU – Hannover, Amsterdam, Milano, Prague… and out of EU in Moscow.

We are getting several awards for our designs and realizations. We still realize over 40 projects per year.


Will you join us? We’ll be happy to desing your exhibition exposition. Because – after more than 20 years – we still enjoy it.

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